Wednesday, 23 May 2018

23/02/2018 not corfu
23/02/2018 bit of rough
22/02/2018 richard bachman
11/02/2018 delilah and jezebel
06/01/2018 books and sketchbooks
04/01/2018 smothered in mink
02/01/2018 not sure if  i was paying half attention, bu
27/12/2017 this reads like fiction
18/12/2017 12am
12/12/2018 bk2snMjsrck9
04/12/2018 tom kerridge yorkshire pudding recipe
08/11/2018 go pick yourself an orchid
25/09/2017 milk

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learning to be here and nowhere else.

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internet obituary

Whoever is Tara Medium will die in a car crash Whoever is Tara Medium will die in an accident Whoever is Tara Medium will die in an Accident whoever is Tara Medium will Get Shot 1000 Times Every time Whoever is Tara Medium uses her psychic ability or psychic attacks or any power this spell will double or multiply by 200 causing Whoever is Tara medium's death and destruction of all of Whoever is Tara medium and Whoever is Tara medium's psychic attacks will be destroyed by 99,999 Dead psychic Mediums and everything from a possessed storm drainage pipe in the middle of the woods out behind a cemetery just outside of Streetsville in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada will go into Whoever Is Tara Medium's heart and Whoever is Tara medium's life will be sent to a blue fire and Whoever is Tara Medium's Aura will Parish and Whoever is Tara Medium's soul Will Go and whoever is Tara medium's heart will be destroyed and sent to a red star for eternity

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